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Practicing for Artistic Success: 
The Musician's Guide to Self-Empowerment

by Burton Kaplan

"Practicing for Artistic Success acts as a musician's practice companion offering a wealth of advice on ways to achieve performance goals. Kaplan's approach builds a technique that is synchronous with the ways our minds and bodies work."
International Musician, March 2005

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“You must learn to practice the way you climb a mountain. If you enjoy the pleasure of each step without continually thinking of how far away the summit is, you will get there and you will have enjoyed the hike as well.”
Practicing for Artistic Success

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For 19 years, Burton Kaplan has conducted Practice Marathon Retreats for musicians at Magic Mountain Music Farm in upper New York State.   Practicing for Artistic Success is a systematization of the information accumulated in those workshops. It enables any musician who is ready to change to take a giant step forward in practice effectiveness.

Musicians Praise for
 Practicing for Artistic Success

“Burton Kaplan’s nuanced ideas are articulated with generosity and keen insight into the layers of skill that are essential to effective, systematic performance conditioning. With a clarity of presentation and an abundance of solutions to complex practicing challenges, this is an essential book for every musician’s library.”
--Amy Frost Baumgarten, Principal Cello,
Washington National Opera Orchestra
Kennedy Center Opera House Orchestra
 “To the best of my knowledge, Burton Kaplan is the most expert pedagogue of musical performance in the country.  His approach enables the player to build a technique that is synchronous with human nature, with the ways our bodies really work; it allows for the possibility of uncovering great artistic expression while working alone.  My own coaching and teaching have benefited immeasurably from his strategies.”
--Scott Anderson, Principal Clarinet
Honolulu Symphony
 “Burton Kaplan has produced a guide that goes beyond previous thought about the psychology of practicing. It fairly compels the reader to put the book down and get to work! I look forward to the day when this enjoyable, inspiring text is required reading for student and teacher alike.”
-- Manny Laureano, Principal Trumpet
 the Minnesota Orchestra
 "Practicing for Artistic Success: The Musician’s Guide to Self-Empowerment covers the body, mind, and spirit of music making, exposing many common practice habits as inefficient at best and often counter productive. This book offers a wealth of better advice on ways to achieve our performance goals.  It will become a must-have item in every performing musician's library, whether student, teacher, or professional. All my students will be required to use it as a guide to higher levels of achievement and satisfaction."
--Toby Hanks, Chair, Brass Department
 Manhattan School of Music
"Burton Kaplan's principles are so clear and so universally applicable, I wonder that I never thought this way myself! His discoveries, which apparently have never before been so thoughtfully analyzed or so thoroughly presented, save loads of time and eliminate so much agony!"
--Cullan Bryant, Internatonally Renowned
Collaborative Pianist

Music performance is an intuitive art. Music practice is a conscious managerial skill. To practice music effectively the musician must be in touch with his intuitive artistic impulses, and at the same time, stand outside the process as a coach, making an endless series of conscious managerial decisions. Most music practicers are ineffective coaches because they have never been taught explicitly the intricacies of managing their practice. Practicing for Artistic Success: The Musician's Guide to Self-Empowerment is dedicated to describing both the strategies that achieve consistent gymnastic control efficiently and the strategies that facilitate musical expression and communication. It presents an easy-to-learn system to all musicians who are ready to reduce frustration and bring greater meaning and joy into their practice space.



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Practicing for Artistic Success:
  The Musician's Guide to Self-Empowerment

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